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Join us on Friday evenings for a great video presentation from the Symbolon series on The Catholic Faith Explained from the Augustine Institute.

We will watch the video and then have a discussion based on the content.

Where: O'Connell Center (St. Thomas)
When: Friday Evenings 6PM
Everyone is welcome!

here for the calendar and list of topics.
Join us and get a deeper passion and love for God's Word!

Designed especially for the parents of children in the Faith Formation program on Monday evenings- though ALL are invited- we are starting a new Bible Study of the Acts of the Apostles. The study will be conducted in a Communal Discovery method for the purpose that each individual will encounter Jesus in the Scriptures and find a passion for the Word.

The study will promptly begin October 22nd at 6:30—7:30p.m.
Contact Gabriel with any questions at (206) 242-5501 Extension 1